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Invite Janice to speak


Janice Seney is a speaker, author, and artist. Janice has been involved in teaching, training, and equipping people to hear the voice of God and to grow to maturity in Christ since 1985.  She has the reputation for presenting insight in a powerful simple and basic style. She has been introduced with such phrases as, “Janice puts the cookies on the lowest shelf so everyone can reach them.” or “Janice takes complicated truths that we should not be able to understand and presents them in a way that we can all understand.”

Janice is responsible for a series of training classes and DVD’s that focus on identity, making choices, understanding alignment with the basic design of the human being, exchanging bad thinking for truth, understanding emotions so that they do not rule. She also has developed classes and training designed to equip each individual to recognize their spiritual, supernatural dimension and how God speaks today. Classes include; dreams, angels, visions, pictures, words, impressions and the practical application of these teachings in a person’s daily life.

Janice can lead you to the cliff edge of your destiny, cause you to lean over and take a look while she pushes you off and laughs with delight as you discover that for which you were created.

Janice is in relationship and accountability with a group of people and leaders who are committed to living out their beliefs in society.


When you book Janice from The Storehouse, you will get a powerfully anointed and gifted speaker.  She is able to communicate the Heart of God with love and power.  Janice presents prophetic ministry in a down to earth fashion that opens people’s hearts to God.

We are willing to work with you concerning fees.  The usual fee includes an honorarium and a love offering.  We take into consideration your budget and the size of your event.  Other considerations include the number of days, times of speaking, and if other speaking engagements in the same area are included.

Also, you will need to cover travel expenses.  If an event is within a one hour drive there is no mileage compensation, if more then a reasonable reimburse mileage rate applies.  Airfare, meals, & accommodations for the speaker and possible assistant are expenses you will need to  include in your budget.

Other Requirements

Product Table –  We also request a display table for our books, CD’s and other product.  Arrangements need to be made for someone to manage the table if an assistant does not travel with Janice on the trip.

Prayer – we require a commitment to pray for Janice and the event.  We would want to know that you have a prayer plan.

Deadline for Booking – The earlier the better.   You can secure Janice sometimes on short notice but we recommend confirming at least six months to a year in advance.

Feel free to order any of Janice’s books, CD’s or DVD’s on this website  before booking.  You can check out some clips of Janice on You Tube at this link:

The Lord has given Janice a prophetic gifting and anointing that speaks into the lives of believers and non-believers alike.  Her fresh and graceful, yet powerful style opens the doors of heaven and releases the fire of the Holy Spirit, bringing renewed passion and hunger for Jesus!

If you would like more information about having Janice speak at your church, conference, meeting, retreat or business function, please contact us at the address provided or fill out the form below:


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