Foundations for Spirit Living


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It is abnormal for a Christian to be limited to the natural realm.  God is love and God is supernatural.  Christians should display both. This course will help you base your identity in the New Creation spirit being that you are.  It will lay a strong foundation that will enable you to grow to maturity and develop in the spirit gifts given by the Holy Spirit. Janice teaches the simplicity of walking and living from your spirit and the proper alignment of spirit, will, tongue, mind, and emotions so that you can produce fruit from your born again spirit. Janice Seney travels throughout the body of Christ teaching the reality of the supernatural aspects of God working in our daily lives.  She teaches and demonstrates the many ways that God speaks and how we miss it because we do not recognizes the ways that God might speak to us. God has gifted Janice with an anointing to impart the basic truths of God’s Word in simplicity and power.  Her years of experience blended with her sense of humor causes everyone to enjoy learning.

5 Disc Set

  • Session 1 – Made in His Image
  • Session 2 – Alignment and Will
  • Session 3 – Tongue and Mind Renewal
  • Session 4 – Emotions


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4 DVD set, Blu-Ray Disc


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